Mystery Dinner

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Be ready for some escape game action, dressed with theatrical performance, while having dinner. A murder just in front of your eyes… The murderer is amongst you… Are you up for it?

3 shows: May 22nd, June 4th and June 27th.

What is a Mystery Dinner?
An interactive escape game with live performance. You follow (/are part of) a performance and then something unexpected happens (e.g. a murder). You have to decipher codes, work on puzzles, analyse clues to solve the mystery. The actors come close to you, improvise and interact with you.

Why is it called “Mystery Dinner”?
During the game, food is served. You can select from a pre-specified menu. Food cost in included in the price.

Where does it take place?
In a exceptionally reserved room of Pub Pickwick's.

Total duration of the Mystery Dinner is 2-2.5hrs.

Do I have a role in the Mystery Dinner?
Mystery Dinners include some kind of role-playing. All participants have an understanding of who they are based on the scenario (e.g. friends, celebrities, family, etc). You are not obliged to “participate” in the role-playing part and no-one from your team will be “killed”. You can choose how much you are willing to participate. Some participants may engage more actively in the role playing and interaction with actors, some may prefer to chill-out and follow the performance from distance while enjoying their dinner.

Where will I sit?
As the Mystery Dinner is a team experience, you will obviously be seated at the same table with your companions. You need to combine eyes, ears and minds to solve the mystery… so the more you are, the better! If your group is small, i.e. fewer than 5 people, do not worry! We can take care of this: we will place at the same table smaller groups (of less than 5 participants) to join efforts!Each table is normally for up to 6 participants (can be up to 8 upon request).

Game language
French (special arrangements can be made upon request).

Price includes
- Show ticket
- Dinner (Burger*, Beer, Coffee, Dessert)
* Vegeterian burger also available

A Mystery Dinner is more than a game, it is a life experience.