The MindEscape is 3 years old and we would like to play with you.

Find our hidden locks in the city (do not try to take them 😊 but look at them, there is some important info on them),
solve the puzzle and find the code to use for a 30% coupon (for the first 30 winning groups).

Every week during October, there will be a new code to discover.   

Puzzle # 2
This week we are here

Looking for partners

The MindEscape is growing. We are looking for partners in this.

If intrigued by being an entrepreneur or investment in escape room industry please contact us.

Please send an email to

It's a power box next door that will give you what you need.
The code is a letter and a four-digit number.

Do not forget!
The padlock has important info on it 😉.
When you find the code, go to our website and use it for the discount when you make your reservation.

The code will be valid for one week (until October 25th).