cretan olive oil

Ploussakis Olive Oil

Ploussakis cretan olive oil company

Our COMPANY  Ploussakis olive oil is not new in the field. For decades it produces the proprietary olive grove consisting of 25 acres, olive oil in the traditional way with olive type "Koroneiki olive".

Our olive oil is due to the climate and soil are of excellent quality with acids 0.3%, which characterizes EXTRA VIRGIN.

Our company the previous years had the opportunity to bottling and standardize its product for this sold in bulk as almost the majority of producers of Cretan mainly the Italian market.

We need to be sure that our oil produced with such toil and love, be up to the consumer in the same our quality led for two years to standardize with our name our olive oil and to devote ourselves to Market. First destination New York.

But since we went on our web site all the quantity available in European countries in various glass bottle packaging. Special packing with glass "kanataki" of our 250 ml requested various restaurants in Europe because they offer their customers a standardized and closed. So the customer is sure that the salad has real olive oil.